Bucket Vase Brass
Bucket Vase Brass
Dhs. 340.00

Bucket Vase Brass

The brass finish is so gorgeous, and there is a good reason why this collection is our original. A versatile way to add a hint of luxury to any event or home.

  • Stainless steel coated
  • Leak-proof
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy to clean


Bucket Vase | 22cm x 25cm

All sizes:
Baby Vase | 8cm x 10cm

Small Vase | 11cm x 16cm

Medium Vase | 15cm x 16cm

Large Vase | 19cm x 16cm

Candlestick Vase | 6cm x 20cm

Manor Vase | 15cm x 30cm

Tall Vase | 18cmx 40cm