Same day delivery cut off is 2pm FOR DUBAI AND 12 MIDDAY FOR SHARJAH. We do contactless deliveries and cannot accept cash on delivery WE ONLY ACCEPT credit card online


We are back to work after a short two week break, but the Florette we used to operate can’t be the same in this covid19 climate. 
Today because of what is happening with the airlines we have supply issues, there is no way we can coordinate all our flowers to arrive in time for our usual Thursday and Sunday 9.30am flower market. We are still able to access flowers but air freight is hard to come by and quadruple the cost it used to be - in some way thats being compensated for by the price of flowers being rock bottom as the demand across the world has dried up. In Holland its an alarming situation with the growers and farmers having planted all these beautiful spring flowers and nobody to buy them. I feel that if we don't support the farmers now what will happen next year if they cant afford to replant new flowers? 

So Florette for now is different, its very basic with only market flowers and a florists choice bouquet which we will try and upload by 5pm as often as we can and deliver them to you the next day between 8am - 2pm. We will bring you the best most gorgeous seasonal flowers we can find, we can only deliver within Dubai (sorry to all our gorgeous Sharjah and Abu Dhabi friends but we don't know if we are allowed to deliver there yet) and we will try to have market flowers available every day. We will bring as many beautiful flowers as we can. We know that in times like this its the little things that mean a lot. We know the deep connection flowers can make to either a memory, a time or a feeling and right now I think these connections are what we need in our homes to help us through these times. I believe that although flowers are not seen entirely as an essential item they can provide beauty and light at a time when we all crave and need it. 
The COVID precautions we are taking are as follows:

As of 19th March we initiated contactless deliveries which we hope will offer some peace of mind and protection for everyone and we can now only accept credit card payments online. 

We will call you, or the recipient before delivery and once they have been delivered to let you know the flowers have been placed outside your front door. Our driver will stand far back and wait till you collect your flowers and let us know all is okay, then they will leave. 

Our store is closed, you will still be able to collect but just give us a call when you are outside in your car and we will bring the flowers out to you. 

Our drivers have vans equipped with cleaning products and after each delivery sanitize any equipment used as well as their hands, steering wheel etc. 

If you have any special delivery instructions leave them in the delivery notes box on checkout. We want to help you feel comfortable and safe.  

Our shop undergoes extensive cleaning very frequently and the staff are being responsible with self distancing and taking care of each other, we have divided the store up into zones and each employee has over 6m square of work space that is their safe zone and use masks at all times. 

  We have stopped use of the metro for all our employees and they are driven to work now with our drivers - one employee per van with one driver. 

Stay safe, stay home and let us deliver to you.

We thank you for supporting our business during these tough times, with lots of love Tanja and Team Florette.