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Lilies Oriental - Avventura White Xxl

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Aventura White lilies have white blooms that are richly scented and show off marvelously against its dark green, glossy foliage. A really lovely oriental lily, with white blooms, and a terrific vase life. The second photo is how they will look once open. 

Comes in bunches of 5 stems, that are approx 100cm tall.

Pro Tip: Cut the stems before you put them in water please and keep them in a cool room. 

As the lily buds open, pull off the stamens (the brown dangly things) as soon as it's possible to do so - we like to use tissues to grab onto them. If you wait too long the pollen appears on the stamens and will leave a turmeric-like stain on the petals. And everything else!  

***Not feline friendly, keep away from pet cats.

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