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Peonies - Coral Sunset Xxl

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These Coral Sunset peonies are divine!! They have the most beautiful color and open up to reveal a golden heart. They will open up immediately, but last and fade as they age until the petals are a soft pink/salmon.  ***Peonies whilst super beautiful are not long lasting flowers. Please do not buy if you are looking for a long lasting flower.***

Sold by the bunch of 10 stems, that are approximately 75cm tall.

They open super quickly but don't be alarmed this is normal. Don't worry if some heads are smaller, they will still open and they all end up around the same size once in bloom. However please remember that flowers are a product of nature; they may vary in color, number, and size of blooms.


Pro Tip: Peonies need to be kept cool, and in an air conditioned room at all times

1) When you receive them cut off all the additional foliage you don't need and cut a good 5cm at least off the stems. 

2) Make sure your vase is tall enough to support the stems, peonies have very heavy heads. 

3) Make sure there is lots of water in the vase, and that no foliage is in the water (it just rots and makes your flowers die faster). Change the water every couple of days and re-cut the stems each time. If your water goes cloudy, start again with fresh water and a clean vase. 

4) If you want them to bloom faster put them in a warm part of your house. If you want them to bloom slower keep them cool. You can put them in the fridge for a perk up. I like to leave mine in the fridge overnight, or in the coolest room of the house to keep them fresher for longer. Please do not leave them in direct sunlight or a room without air conditioning. 


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