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Roses - Shimmer Peach

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Almost ruffled, a bit uncombed; beautiful and sensual just the same -- Shimmer is a flower with a strong character. Exuberant, gushing, and explosive, this rose opens into a swirly, soft, and fluffy round corolla. Its color merits special mention, being an almost sugar-almond peach, just ever so lightly streaked with cream.

Sold in bunches of 20 stems, that are approximately 45cm tall. 

Pro Tip: Always cut the end of the stems 5cm on an angle with sharp scissors before you put them in vase with water. Remove all guard petals. Guard petals are the external petals that can get scratches on them - their job is to protect the petals so once the roses are all arranged go through and remove any damaged ones by pulling them off. Keep them cool and away from sunlight.  

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