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Why Flowers Always Make the Perfect Birthday Gift

Why Flowers Always Make the Perfect Birthday Gift

It can sometimes be difficult to think of a birthday gift for a loved one, relative, friend or colleague, especially if they appear to be one of those people who seem to have everything. On occasions like these, flowers will never fail to disappoint. Whether you choose a hand-tied bouquet, a traditional floral arrangement or a single but perfect bloom, flowers always make the perfect birthday gift.

Even if some may say that flowers are short-lived, there are many good reasons why flower gifting is so popular. So, let’s look at why flowers always make the perfect birthday gift.

A Fresh Birthday Flowers Signify Love and Affection

Flowers have long been thought to represent various emotions and messages. From the traditional red rose which says I love you and the elegant iris which signifies eloquence to the striking anthurium which symbolises hospitality, we can use flowers to send specific messages or to suit a particular occasion. And, while flowers are always a great option for a birthday, they’re also the perfect gift for those times when you don’t have the words to convey what you’re thinking. You can let the flowers do the talking for you.

A Gesture That Shows You Care and Are Thinking of the Recipient

Sending flowers tells the recipient that you care and that you are thinking of them. Yes, they may not last forever, but the recipient will have the memory of receiving the bouquet and the experience of watching them bloom and even watching them fade. You don’t have to send an extravagant or costly bouquet; the gesture of the gift itself is what counts. And even a simple gesture can speak volumes. 

A Personal Gift

Flowers have the ability to bring a smile to the recipient’s face, regardless of their age or gender. Yes, even men can appreciate the beauty of flowers! Rather than being a generic gift, flowers can be chosen to suit the recipient’s tastes. Do you know that they love roses but are not so keen on lilies? Are striking bird of paradise flowers more to their taste? How about choosing a flower bouquet comprising their birth flowers or based on their favourite colours? Customised bouquets show that you’ve put thought and care into your chosen gift and make it really personal. 

Flowers Brighten the Space

Whether you’ve chosen a multi-coloured extravaganza or a simple and elegant all-white bouquet, flowers will brighten up any space. There’s something so special about watching flowers open and bloom and seeing how their shape and form change as they go through their life cycle. Think of the elongated shape of the lily which opens up into a perfect star shape to display those hidden stamens and you’ll understand what we mean. 

Flowers Can Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Although many think of fresh flowers as being a short-lived gift, there is a way to make them last longer and that’s by drying them. Single or multiple blooms can be pressed between the pages of a book or hung upside down to dry. The dried flowers can then be framed for a long-lasting memento.

Flowers Are The Perfect Minimalist Gift 

As more of us are turning away from over-consumption, gifting flowers offers the perfect solution. A bouquet or floral arrangement can be enjoyed over its lifespan and then simply returned to nature when it's spent. It’s the perfect eco-conscious, environmentally friendly, and minimalist gift. 

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