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Florette's Flower Market

Since 2017 we have been delivering across the UAE the freshest most beautiful flowers. 

Our flowers are selected for their beauty, longevity, and seasonality. We aim to dramatically shorten the time between farm to vase ensuring that you have fresher flowers than ever before, at a price impossible to achieve unless it was through a wholesaler.
Our market flowers are sold simply wrapped in paper like you would find at a farmers market, they are more for home use and not recommend for gifting however if you would like to purchase them as a gift (knowing they are not wrapped like a bouquet and we do not add a vase) you can add a card by filling in the text box.
We deliver market flowers on the day you order them as long as you order before 6pm, orders placed after 6pm will be delivered the next day. Please do not order flowers in advance. We change our selection almost daily, so we cannot guarantee if you want to order something today for delivery in a few days that it will be available.
A bunch of tulips in pastel colors.
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