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Flower Shop Sharjah

Whether you’re looking to send flowers to a loved one to celebrate a special occasion, let someone know you’re thinking of them, or want to treat yourself, look no further. Florette offers beautifully crafted bouquets made up of the freshest flowers, that not only look great but smell great too.

Browse through our selection of flowers to find your ideal bouquet and make someone’s (or your) day. Read More

Florette's fresh and premium, white ranunculus market bunch is an irresistible sight!

Make Them Feel Special With Flowers In Sharjah

While many people typically associate flowers with a special occasion, like a birthday, graduation, new job, etc., there really are no rules when it comes to sending bouquets. Sending someone a bouquet is a lovely way to let someone know you’re thinking of them, even if there’s no special reason behind sending them. And who says you can’t buy yourself flowers? You also deserve nice things! Treating yourself to a bouquet can brighten up your home and day, so why not indulge and get yourself something nice.

Of course, when it comes to flowers, quality makes a huge difference. To make sure your flowers are always fresh, well cared for and high-quality, you need to choose a florist that is trusted and always delivers what they promise. For a flower shop in Sharjah can count on, choose Florette. We consistently deliver on what we promise.

Why Send Flowers In Sharjah From Florette?

When it comes to our bouquets, you can have complete faith in the fact that the flowers will be fresh and beautifully arranged, with care and that much thought has gone into every single bouquet. While our flowers are all of amazing quality, imported from all over the world, we make sure to offer a variety of bouquets at different price points. Not everyone has the same budget, but everyone deserves flowers, so we’ve made sure to make our bouquets as great value as possible so everyone can take advantage.

We’re an online store but can deliver to you, meaning we’re an accessible florist Sharjah can use for their bouquets. Talking of flower delivery in Sharjah, we are very proud to offer some of the quickest flower delivery times, to ensure that your bouquet arrives when it’s supposed to – especially important when buying flowers for a particular occasion. 

To make sure our customers are never bored, we switch up our selection of flowers almost daily, using seasonal flowers to make sure our customers have access to the freshest flowers. With us you can trust that every bouquet is going to be beautiful, you definitely won’t see any tacky, low-quality flower arrangements here.

Delivering the Very Best Seasonal Fresh Flowers in Sharjah

Since we set up in business, our aim has always been to bring the very best seasonal fresh flowers to Sharjah and beyond. We love to put a smile on people’s faces and if we can do it with flowers, all the better. We work hard to ensure that every bouquet that’s sent out of our flower shop to Sharjah is the freshest it can possibly be and made up of the most beautiful blooms. We never deliver inferior quality flowers or blooms that are unlikely to last long. In fact, we deliver many of our flowers in bud, so you can enjoy their full blooming period. It’s why we’re known as the best place to buy flowers in Sharjah.

We source many of our flowers from the top flower suppliers in Holland, so we can guarantee the freshest, most beautiful and long-lasting blooms. Whether you’ve chosen a boxed bouquet for a loved one, a single-flower bouquet for your office or your favourite blooms for yourself, you can rest assured that the flowers from Florette flower shop in Sharjah will never disappoint.

Why Seasonal Flowers are the Best Choice

We’ve gained a reputation as the best florist Sharjah-wide because of the diversity, quality and freshness of our flowers. We give you access to a myriad of beautiful blooms from world-famous Dutch flower markets with some of our blooms coming from Kenya and Thailand. We only ever buy top-grade seasonal flowers which means you can always have top-grade flowers in Sharjah. Our bouquets and flower deliveries are made up and on their way to you within hours of arriving in the country and our flower shop.

But just because our flowers are top-grade, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay exorbitant prices. In fact, we offer great value for money on all our flowers. We don’t fly in flowers that are force-grown out of season and, consequently, extremely expensive. Seasonal flowers also last much longer than blooms that have been forced.

That’s why we choose seasonal flowers. They’re the best, the freshest and the best value for money.

You Can Rely on Florette's Flower Shop in Sharjah for Fast, Convenient and Reliable Fresh Flower Deliveries

One reason why people choose Florette for fresh flowers in Sharjah is for our fast, convenient and reliable delivery service. We deliver 7 days a week and if you place an order before 6pm, we can get your flowers to the intended recipient the same day! How’s that for service?

You can also track your delivery, so you’ll know exactly how the delivery is going. All our flowers are carefully packed to ensure that they arrive in the freshest and best condition possible and ready to be displayed or arranged wherever you are as you can find our best florists all around Dubai, when you're delivering flowers to your loved ones in Ajman, our flower shop in Ajman will take care of your order carefully.

To care for your flowers, we suggest that you rinse the stems before cutting off the bottom 2 to 3 cm with a sharp cutter and placing them in water. Also, remember to change the water every 2-3 days to keep them fresh for longer. As the flowers fade, you can remove the dead blooms to keep the arrangement looking beautiful. If you’d like to know more about how to prolong the life of your flowers, check our handy guide.

Browse Our Large Collection Of Flowers in Sharjah & Order Today

To ask us any questions about our flowers or services, simply get in touch. Our customer response times are quick, and we would love to answer any queries you might have. For a great flower shop in Sharjah that offers fast delivery, fresh flowers, and excellent service, Florette is the only choice. Order today to celebrate someone special (yourself included!) by taking a browse through our collections. Choose from a range of seasonal flowers that have been carefully handcrafted into spectacular bouquets and simply press ‘order’. Florette provides

Florette is UAE's best florist based in Dubai. We will deliver fresh flowers within the same day. Whether you are looking for a flower shop in Abu Dhabi or a flower shop in Ajman, flowers can be delivered to you. Visit our website or call us today to learn more.


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