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Our warmer climate in Dubai can be detrimental to your peonies!  

When you receive your peonies they will be simply wrapped in white tissue. If you follow the steps below you will increase the longevity of these gorgeous blooms.

1) When you receive them cut off all the extra foliage you don't need. Remove any dirty or damaged guard petals.  The guard petals are the petals on the outside of the peonies that protect the blooms inside... just pull them off quickly and it will help the flower bloom as well as make them look a little prettier. 

2) Make sure your vase is tall enough to support the stems, peonies have very heavy heads. 

3) Make sure there is sufficient water, and that no foliage is in the water (it just rots and makes your flowers die faster).  Change the water every couple of days and re-cut the stems each time. If your water goes cloudy, start again with fresh water and a clean vase. 

4) If you want them to bloom faster put them in a warm part of your house. If you want them to bloom slower keep them cool. You can put them in the fridge for a perk up. I like toleave mine in the fridge overnight, or in the coolest room of the house to keep them fresher for longer. 

I hope you enjoy these incredible flowers, dont forget to share with us on social media and get in touch if you need more advice on caring for your flowers. 



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